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Jan and Eliška are most popular names for Czech babies

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Prague, Oct 16 (CTK) – The most popular names Czech parents gave to their babies born in January were Jan, Jakub and Matyas for boys and Eliska, Tereza and Anna for girls, according to the data the Czech Statistical Office (CSU) presented on Monday.

Jan (Czech version of John) and Jakub (James) have been regularly the most frequent names, while Matyas (Matthew) being among the three most popular names for the first time.

Traditionally, Tomas (Thomas) was the third most popular male name since 1999 when the CSU started releasing the most popular names. In January, Tomas was only the seventh most popular name for baby boys, being less frequent than Filip (Philip), Lukas (Luke) and Adam.

Eliska has been the most popular name for girls since 2015, before the most popular was Tereza (Theresa). Anna (Anne) has been very popular for a long time. If both varieties, Ema and Emma, were counted together, this would be the second most frequent name of newborn girls in January. Adela (Adele) and Viktorie (Victoria) are among the most popular female names.

Some traditionally popular names have become less frequent, especially Vaclav (Wenceslas) and Marie (Mary).

The fathers and mothers of the babies were most often named Jan and Lucie (Lucy).

The data showed that boys are named after their fathers far more often than girls after their mothers. About 15 percent of boys bear the name of their father and 4 percent of girls that of their mother.

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