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Czechs in poll: Trump may improve relations with Russia

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Prague, Jan 17 (CTK) – The policy of U.S. president-elect Donald Trump may positively influence the U.S.-Russian relations and the fight against terrorism, many Czechs said in a poll conducted by the CVVM institute and released on Tuesday.

Czechs expect a negative development when it comes to the U.S. relations with Islamic countries and the EU.

The poll also found that most Czechs give a positive assessment to the administration of outgoing President Barack Obama.

A positive development in the U.S.-Russian relations after Trump is inaugurated is expected by 35 percent of the respondents.

Almost one quarter of Czechs also believe that Trump’s work in the White House will benefit the lives of ordinary Americans.

One-fifth of those polls agree with the view that there will be also positive impacts on the economic situation in the world.

“When it comes to the impact of Trump’s election to the U.S.-Chinese relations, Czechs are divided. Some 19 percent of them have favourable expectations, but 18 percent unfavourable,” the analysts said.

The respondents were similarly divided when it comes to the expectations in the U.S. relations with the EU (18 percent of favourable expectations and 22 percent of unfavourable).

Only one tenth of Czechs expect Trump’s policy to improve the relations with Islamic countries, while 38 percent of them expect a negative impact.

However, a large part of those polled said “I do not know” when answering the question.

Obama, who is leaving the White House after eight years, received a positive evaluation by 60 percent of those polled. A negative assessment was given by 23 percent, while 17 percent of Czechs had no idea.

The outcome of the autumn U.S. election has split Czech society evenly. Some 22 percent of Czechs are glad that Trump won it, but the same proportion would prefer his contender, Hillary Clinton. Some 37 percent of Czechs share neither opinion.

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