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Czech diplomats to have their own legal framework

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Prague, April 15 (CTK) – The Czech foreign service is likely to gain its own legal rules regulating the powers of consular offices, improving the conditions of diplomats’ work and simplifying their rotation, under the foreign service bill the Senate will deal with on Wednesday.

The bill was recommended both by the foreign affairs and constitutional and legal committees of the Senate.

The new law is to simplify the administration associated with the replacement of diplomats both abroad and back home.

It is to provide more opportunities in the situations in which it is necessary to rapidly cancel or create new jobs in reaction to the latest political development, such as when visa requirements are imposed or cancelled.

Thanks to the bill, the harmonisation of diplomats’ working and private lives is to be easier.

Under it, it will be possible to take maternal or parental leave while on a diplomatic office abroad.

At the same time, the diplomats and their family members are to have access to additional health insurance at the time they work in a diplomatic office.

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