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Czech active reserve members to be paid more

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Prague, Aug 17 (CTK) – Czech active reservists will be receiving higher remuneration for their participation in military exercises as a compensation for the loss of their income at work under the amendment to the military law passed by the Senate on Thursday.

Thanks to its growth, active reservists’ total incomes are not to fall due to their performing the active service.

The legislation is yet to be signed by President Milos Zeman.

“Since these are experienced soldiers who create the basis of active reserves units, the state is not interested in losing them,” the drafters of the law wrote.

“The higher remuneration may attract to active reserves also people with practice and higher salaries than those at basic positions in the armed forces,” deputy Martin Sedlar (ANO) said.

“This is a message that we are interested in every reservist,” he added.

Under the legislation, the remuneration is to grow by two-fifths after two years upon entering the active reserve, by one-tenth after four years and by another one-tenth after each consecutive three years by up to 80 percent.

In practice, this would mean that starting with the second year of enrollment in active reserves, the remuneration would be increased by up to 7200 crowns a year, from the seventh year on by up to 10,800 crowns and from the thirteenth year by up to 14,400 crowns annually.

“This increased part of the remuneration depends on the condition of the execution of active service at a regular military exercise or in action,” the drafters said.

The specific amount of the remuneration is calculated according to the relative number of served days.

Reserve soldiers will be paid 18,000 crowns a year if they are at least seven days a year at a regular exercise.

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