Vyskov, South Moravia, Oct 17 (CTK) – The NATO-established centre of protection against the arms of mass destruction wants to start cooperating with the civilian sector, specifically with the firefighters and police, the centre director, Jiri Gajdos, told journalists on Monday.

NATO is in charge of 24 centres, each of which is specialised in some of the military spheres.

It links the individual NATO militaries with scientists from many spheres who can help deal with the most difficult technological problems at the time of danger.

The Vyskov centre is NATO’s only facility of its kind. It was opened in October 2006 thanks to the good reputation that Czech military chemists gained in participation in many foreign missions.

The centre employs over 80 soldiers specialising in chemistry, biological threat and radiology.

It has 12 sponsoring countries such as Italy, Germany, Poland, the USA and France, and one contributing, which is Austria.

The centre has as its task to prepare documents for NATO countries’ militaries in the sphere of prevention of the arms of mass destruction.

The centre also provided its analysis and strategic recommendation to the football championship in France earlier this year.

It will soon look for partners in the civilian sector, Gajdos said.

“We want to try a civilian-military cooperation with the police and firefighters,” he added.

“As the state, we have no enemy. Terrorists, non-state players are the enemy,” he added.

“No state has so many sources as to create any special units that will cope with this. This demands cooperation,” Gajdos said.