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FinMin: Schengen to collapse unless EU closes border

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Prague, Nov 16 (CTK) – The Schengen area will fall apart and people will take justice in their own hands unless the outer Schengen border is closed immediately, Czech Deputy Prime Minister and ANO leader Andrej Babis said in a Twitter video in reaction to the Friday terrorist attacks in Paris.

Babis, who is also finance minister, said the budget of the police and military must be further steadily increased.

After the attack on the Paris-seated office of the Charlie Hebdo magazine earlier this year, it was clear that the terrorists are not only sent by Islamic State, but they are also recruited from the second or third generation of north African immigrants, Babis said.

Of the latest assailants, one lived in France and another two had come to the country as part of the migrant crisis, after applying for asylum in Greece, Babis said.

“This proves the dark suspicion that Islamic State has used the migrant crisis to send fighters to Europe with the aim to kill out our people. Of course, this is an act of war, and we are in a war,” Babis said.

The French prosecution confirmed on Monday that a Syrian passport on the name of Ahmad Muhammad was found on one of the suicide attackers who were killing in Paris at the weekend. Greek and Serbian authorities said at the weekend already a person of the same name crossed their territory as a migrant at the beginning of October.

The prosecution said Muhammad, 25, came from Halab, Syria. It is not ruled out that the passport was false. On Saturday, the Greek police said they are searching at France´s request for two men wanted in connection with the Paris attacks who were registered in Greece as asylum applicants this year.

Babis told CTK that he made his statement based on world media news. “According to CNN and French media, two attackers were registered as migrants,” Babis wrote in an SMS. He said the information was confirmed by official places in Greece and Serbia.

In a war, it is necessary to act promptly, of which the European Union and the European Commission are not capable, he continued.

Unless the outer Schengen border is closed immediately, Schengen will fall apart, the EU will be endangered, people will take justice in their own hands and everything may result in a total catastrophe, Babis said.

In addition to the border closure, Babis called for the creation and deployment of a border protection unit, the provision of money to Turkey to prevent the migrant wave, and the resolving of the conflict in Syria within a consensus of all members of the U.N. Security Council.

The budget of the police and military must continue to be raised, and police must be equipped with modern weapons, he said.

The Czech representatives should persuade European politicians to stop being politically correct and to prefer “thinking about the safety of their own people, their own inhabitants, instead of humanitarian help that is naturally important but has been obviously misused,” Babis said.

A “fortification” of the Schengen border has also been demanded by Czech President Milos Zeman, in view of the “hard times” the EU is faced with.

Czech Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka (Social Democrats, CSSD), too, said the attacks in Paris, which claimed the lives of 129, may be an open declaration of war.

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