Prague, Nov 17 (CTK) – Police intervened yesterday against an anti-migration demonstration outside the Czech Government Office after approximately 1000 people were refusing for more than one hour after the event officially ended to leave the area, Prague police spokesman Tomas Hulan has told CTK.

Police took 12 people away from the crowd, asked them to produce their identity cards and an explanation of why they used banned burning and explosive devices. Some of them had covered faces.

Hulan said similar behaviour is usually handled as a misdemeanour.

After 19:30 most people left the site.

Two duly announced marches, or a total of some 5000 people, arrived at the Government Office, Hulan said. Metal barriers stood outside the building as usual, but some marchers dismantled them, he added.

“Both announcers of the marches officially ended them and the participants were obliged to leave under law,” Hulan said.

He said most people did leave, but about 1000 stayed there.

“A City Hall official called for them to disperse, but they did not obey and that is why the police were asked to intervene,” Hulan said.

Riot police eventually pushed the people to a safe area where they divided them into two parts. The crowd dispersed.

During the march to the Government Office, the participants shouted “We do not want Islam here” and “Czech Lands to the Czechs.” Outside the Govern,ent Office they shouted “Resignation, resignation.”

Rescuers had to take one person to hospital. The injury was not serious, but his eyes were hit with a pepper spray or a similar device, Prague rescue service spokeswoman Jirina Ernestova said.

Rescuers treated three other people on the spot.