Prague, Nov 17 (CTK) – Czech President Milos Zeman´s speech in the Prague university neighbourhood Albertov yesterday was only destined for his supporters, not for the whole nation, representatives of both the government and opposition have told CTK.

Pavel Belobradek, chairman of the government Christian Democrats (KDU-CSL), said Zeman´s speech rather resembled an election campaign.

Opposition TOP 09 lawmaker Jiri Koubek also compared Zeman´s speech to a campaign.

Petr Fiala, chairman of the opposition Civic Democrats (ODS), said Zeman divides society.

Zeman spoke before several thousand supporters, carrying posters reading Long Live Zeman and his portrait, mainly about people being victims of media massage in connection with the migrant crisis.

Those who express fears of an influx of migrants are unjustly branded Islamophobes, racists or fascists, he said.

“Such a speech would be rather suitable in an election camapign. It should not be delivered by the head of state on the occasion of an anniversary of restoration of freedom,” Belobradek SMSed to CTK.

He praised the fact that Zeman started his speech with a minute of silence for the victims of the terrorist attacks in Paris. But afterwards, he was only settling accounts with his opponents, Belobradek wrote.

The Albertov meeting was held on the 26th anniversary of the fall of the communist regime in 1989.

Zeman also said at Albertov that the people who shouted at him and pelted him with eggs in the same place one year ago were a “roaring herd.”

Koubek, who came to Albertov, told CTK that the form of the rally disgusted him and that he left.

“I would have liked to hear the speech, even though he is my opinion opponent, but he is still my president. But the form of the rally disgusted me to the extent that I left,” Koubek said.

He objected to that Zeman stripped students of Albertov and staged a rally of his supporters there.

Albertov is closely connected with the student demonstration that was brutally dispersed by the communist police, which triggered the events that resulted in the fall of the communism regime.

Fiala wrote to CTK that the president should cement society, but “Milos Zeamn is doing the utter opposite.”