Prague, Nov 16 (CTK) – Czechs assess health care and access to education the most positively of social conditions and they mainly criticise social security in the old age and financial conditions for having a family and housing in a CVVM public opinion poll released to CTK on Wednesday.

Eighty-six percent of people consider the access to education good, while 74 percent praise health care.

Most respondents or 52 percent also assess job opportunities positively. In this sphere, the share of positive assessment has increased by 11 percentage points since last year.

On the contrary, three-quarters of the polled consider social security in the old age bad.

Financial conditions for having a family are not good according to 65 percent of respondents, 56 percent assess the living conditions of the disabled negatively and 57 percent are critical of the possibilities to get a flat.

“In a long-term perspective, there is an increasing trend of a gradually better assessment actually in all spheres in 2012-2015. This year, the increasing trend was preserved in the sphere of employment in which the public reflected the real situation of the labour market revival after the (world) economic crisis was overcome,” the CVVM pollsters said.

The living standards of respondents have a major influence on their assessment of conditions and opportunities in all spheres in focus. People with quite high living standards assess social conditions more positively than the rest.

As far as the political orientation is concerned, left-wingers are more critical than right-wingers.

On the other hand, the education level and age only minimally influence people’s answers.

The poll was conducted on a sample of 982 respondents from October 10 to 17.