An appeal for evacuation – that was the subject of an announcement that the bankruptcy administrator Michal Tintěra has sent to clients of a high-end retirement home in Průhonice. The company Residence Classis, the owner of the building, has been in insolvency proceedings since mid-October. Its debts were CZK 283 million at that time, and it had only about CZK 2,000 of ready money.

The bankruptcy administrator said supplies of power, gas and water will be cut. “On the basis of these facts, I have to ask you for an immediate transportation of your relatives,” Tintěra wrote to the clients’ relatives Tuesday.

Therefore, more than two dozen of seniors had to move out yesterday.

The same appeals were sent by the Germans during the occupation before transports to concentration camps. Such treatment is unbelievable today,” said Jitka Kaderová, whose mother has been living in the home. She had to come over from Mariánské Lázně and try to find another home immediately, so that her mother did not stay on street. “And all that even though we have paid for one and a half months in advance,” Kaderová said.

Fifty thousand a month

The comfortable senior home with 62 flats, a swimming pool, wellness centre and one floor designed for all-day special care for immobile patients was opened by Acred Group, a development company owned by the American Anthony Cain, in October 2005.

The owner of the building, in whose luxury restaurant you could have a tuna kebab for CZK 420 for lunch, became Residence Classis, founded by Anthony Cain. The building was operated by its branch Classis Management. The founder’s wife, Petra Cain, was the executive head of both companies.

The problem of the project, which was based on the example of the Swiss company Swiss Tertianum International, were the prices. While the Swiss keep subsidized prices one or two years after opening a luxury senior residence to attract people, the prices were high in Průhonice since the very beginning. “Walking” clients pay CZK 35,000 on average a month for staying in Residence Classis, while the “non-walking” clients pay around CZK 50,000.

That is why, even after three years, half of the residency was unoccupied, which presents a loss of at least CZK 1 million a month. Therefore, the company Classis Management wanted to rebuild the unoccupied space into rooms for the home’s attendants in the spring, as there is bigger interest in them and they also bring more money. However, the firm did not have its own means and the bank refused the company’s suggestion regarding the financing of the project. Therefore, the bankruptcy has been declared also for the operating company Classis Management, which has no assets.

According to the firm’s statement for HN from yesterday, provided by the company’s media representative, Classis Management has been trying to maintain the operation of the senior home, hoping to find someone who would take over the operation. Four applicants have appeared, however, neither of them has come to an agreement with Raiffeisenbank, which finances the project. Raiffeisenbank and the Canadian company Hardit Corporation Toronto are also the biggest creditors of the home’s owner – Residence Classis owes CZK 187 million to them.

“After the insolvency administrator took over the proceedings this week, he decided to move out the clients without discussing it with the executives of the operating company,” the operating company said in a statement.

Residency will be auctioned

“Where should I go now before Christmas?” Květoslava Srbová (86), leaning on her cane, was asking helplessly yesterday.

“I sold my house so that I could spend the rest of my life here in peace. This is a mess. But I will come back,” said the 70-year-old Vladimír Konětopský.

“The staff have been treating our parents very well and are selflessly helpful. But the company’s management? Why are they hiding, why are they not communicating with us?” asked Alena Balovcová, whose father, attorney Aleš Pazelt, came back from Switzerland to spend the rest of his life in the comfort of Průhonice.

Not every client has a family in the Czech Republic. The nurse Jana Tomanová is, for example, taking care of an 82-year-old lonely woman.

I’ve been looking for a home where I could place her, but in vain so far,” Tomanová said.

In July I paid for one year in advance for my father. The company is not acting as a solid company, they are not communicating at all. Together with other relatives and the seniors’ representatives, we are considering filing a complaint, as the company has broken the agreement,” lawyer Igor Keblúšek said.

The court is to decide about the next fate of the company Residence Classis on 16 January. According to information available to HN, the luxury home will be sold at an auction.

Translated with permission by the Prague Daily Monitor.