Prague, Sept 19 (CTK) – Young Czechs have invited tens of Germans deported from Czechoslovakia in the aftermath of World War Two to Prague within the Reconciliation project, organiser Hana Spirkova told journalists on Monday.

Staged along with the Antikomplex group and the German Ackermann-Geminde, the project will offer an exhibition, a concert and joint debates to the Czech public, Spirkova said.

The event will show the relationships of the families living in the houses they occupied after the war and the original German residents with whom they maintain contact, she added.

The organisers are collecting money at the crowdfunding portal Hithit.

The project is unique because the contemporaries will be invited and their costs will be covered. This will be an apparent gesture of reconciliation.

It will give the Czech public a chance to meet the contemporaries. Due to their high age, this may be one of the last opportunities to do so.

The project Reconciliation 2016 is composed of three parts.

On November 5, a concert with Eliska Cilkova’s music will be held in the presence of the deported Germans and their descendants.

The group Antikomplex is preparing an exhibition that will be travelling along Czech towns for the National Library of Technology.

It will show the fates and views of 14 families. Seven of them were forced out of their homes after the war and another seven that now live in the homes and maintain contact with the former.

On November 2, a debate along with historians and other people who deal with the topic of deportation will be held in the Oko pictures.

Millions of Germans were forced out of their homes in Central and Eastern Europe after the war. From Czechoslovakia alone, there were about three million.

The project is sponsored by the Czech-German Fund for the Future, the Hanns Seidel Foundation, the Prague 7 mayor’s office and the Bavarian Labour, Social Affairs, Family and Integration Ministry.

It will be held under the auspices of Czech Culture Minister Daniel Herman (Christian Democrats,KDU-CSL) and Prague 7 Mayor Jan Cizinsky.

This spring, Herman was the first Czech government member to have spoken at a congress of the deported Germans in Nuremberg.