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Powered wheelchairs will be allowed to move at 15 km/hr

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The House has passed a bill, sponsored by the CSSD party, to increase the speed limit of powered wheelchairs from 6km/hr to 15km/hr, without having to register the equipment as a motor vehicle.

The main author of the bill, Ondrej Vesely, stated that in its current form, the law allows the police to measure the speed of the wheelchair and if it tops 6km/hr they can issue a fine. The 15km/hr speed is an extremely fast run by a human. Vesely did not go on to state that the speed would allow a handicapped person to avoid a dangerous situation or that the chosen speed was so that the wheelchairs could keep up with the flow of any pedestrian traffic.

There are over 30,000 people using wheelchairs in Czechia.

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