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Czechs, Germans to use drones to find trees hit by bark-beetle

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Ceske Budejovice, South Bohemia, March 19 (CTK) – Bavarian and South Bohemian scientists will use drones in the Bohemian and Bavarian Forest mountain range to identify trees hit by bark-beetle this year, Martin Hais, from South Bohemian University, has told CTK.

Thanks to this, the trees hit by bark-beetle will be identified much sooner than now and the bark-beetle spreading will be limited.

The drone technology with cameras will be tested this year and the identification of trees will begin in 2018.

The project, launched in January, is subsidised from the EU funds and it is related to industry 4.0.

Wolfgang Dorner, from the Technology Institute in Deggendorf, Bavaria, that participates in the project, said data from the drones would make work in the forestry industry easier.

According to a hypothesis, the spruce changes the way in which it reflects sunshine shortly after it is hit by bark-beetle, said Hais, who studies these phenomena using satellite data.

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