Prague, April 19 (CTK) – The Prague 1 Court has not complied with a second request by Zdenek Altner for blocking the accounts of the senior government Civic Democratic Party (CSSD), the information by Czech Television (CT) on Tuesday was confirmed for CTK by the court’s deputy chairwoman Alena Novotna.

She said the court halted the proceedings because no valid verdict has as yet been issued on Altner’s first proposal.

According to a valid court decision, the CSSD is to pay Altner almost 338 million crowns, but it says it will first meet the claims of his creditors.

Former lawyer Altner field the first proposal on Friday, but the court rejected it for formal reasons because Alther did not pay the security of 10,000 crowns. That is why Altner filed the second proposal on Monday.

The court decided recently that the CSSD must pay Altner 18.5 million crowns for his representing it in its dispute for the ownership of Lidovy dum, its seat in Prague centre, in the late 1990s plus a contractual fine worth 318 million.

The huge fine arises from the extreme length of the court dispute, or 5,734 days from the filing of the lawsuit by Altner until the definitive court verdict last month.

The deadline for the CSSD’s transferring money to Altner expired on Thursday midnight.

The CSSD, however, said it will not send it to him for the time being, but it will first settle the claims by Altner’s creditors who addressed it and who claim about 20 million crowns.

At the same time, the CSSD filed a petition for an appellate review with the Supreme Court (NS) and asked for an adjournment of the enforcement of the verdict of the Prague Municipal Court.

The CSSD says it is afraid that if it transferred the money to Altner’s Swiss account, it would lose it irreversibly even if the NS later found its claim justified, partly at least.