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Poll: Most Czechs against foreign workers, but society more open

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Prague, April 19 (CTK) – Most Czechs share the view that too many foreigners work in the country and that local people do not have jobs due to the foreigners, but these views are held by a markedly lower share of the respondents than in 2015, according to the latest opinion poll that the STEM agency released on Tuesday.

Sixty percent agreed that Czechs do not have jobs due to foreigners, while last year it was 72 percent.

Two thirds (66 percent) agreed that too many foreigners work in the Czech Republic, while in 2015 it was 80 percent. In the past seven years, 75 to 80 percent considered the number of workers from abroad too high.

The negative attitude towards foreign workers prevails mostly among blue-collar workers and clerks. Right-wing supporters are more open to the employment of foreigners than left-wing and centrist voters, the pollsters said.

University graduates are the only group whose majority (56 percent) disagrees with the view that foreigners take jobs away from Czechs. Last year, even most of the graduates (66 percent) agreed with this view.

Sixty percent of Czechs do not agree with the opinion that foreigners are the only solution to the lack of workforce in some professions.

The poll was conducted on 1050 people aged over 18 years in March.

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