Poll: Most Czechs for same-sex marriages

Prague, April 19 (CTK) – Roughly three-quarters of Czechs agree with the possibility to conclude marriage irrespective of sexual orientation and three-fifths are for the gay and lesbian couples adopting children from institutes, according to a poll conducted by the Median agency and released on Thursday.

The poll was conducted within the campaign We Are Fair for the marriage for all, campaign spokeswoman Klara Kubickova has told journalists.

The campaign was launched a year ago. The activists say the number of the people who are for equality of chances for homosexuals is growing.

A similar poll from 2016 revealed that same-sex marriage was favoured by 68 percent or 7 percent less than now.

This year, the idea was opposed by 19 percent.

“Czechs are certainly unopposed to the happiness of gay and lesbian couples,” Czeslaw Walek, head of the campaign, said.

“On the contrary, 75 percent of society believe that if the two love each other, they should have a chance of marrying,” Walek said.

The poll was conducted on a sample of 1,216 people over 18 in February.

Some 61 percent of Czechs also agree with homosexual couples adopting children from the institutes, while the idea is opposed by 31 percent of the respondents.

The support tends to be expressed more often than the rest by women, the young and people with higher education.

Over one-fifth of Czechs believe that people can choose homosexuality. Roughly the same proportion says it is immoral.

Some 30 percent say homosexuality is a fashionable affair and its acceptance in society contributes to the decline in morality.

Some 13 percent say the marriages of gays and lesbians would threaten the marriages of heterosexuals. Some 8 percent say the marriages of gays and lesbians would threaten them personally.

Registered partnership can be concluded since July 1, 2006. During the first 11 years, this has been done by 2647 couples.

The law on registered partnership defines the establishment and termination of a partnership between two persons of the same sex. The legislation ensures the right to information on the health condition of registered partners and a chance to inherit property just as married couples.

However, it does not enable same-sex couples to adopt children. Registered partners have no right to widow’s or widower’s pension or joint property and joint taxation, which married couples can use.