Karlovy Vary, West Bohemia, Oct 19 (CTK) – The police in the Karlovy Vary Region have revealed a group mediating driving licences to Germans, who were stripped of them, for money, regional police spokeswoman Katerina Boehmova told CTK Monday.

The police have detained an executive of a German driving school and two court interpreters, she added.

Czech detectives from the financial crime regional police headquarters have cooperated in the case with their German counterparts for over a year.

“For a bribe of 3000 euros, problematic German applicants for a Czech driving licence passed an obligatory course and a driving training and the interpreters were giving them advice during the final test. So far we have proved 79 cases of obtaining driving licences this way for bribes of over five million crowns in total,” Boehmova said.

She added that up to 200 driving licences may have been issued this way. German citizens can use them on the road without any limitation.

At present, detectives are questioning the suspects and searching their houses in the Czech Republic and Germany.

Since the beginning, Czech detectives have cooperated with the criminal police from Upper Franconia and Baden-Wuerttemberg as well as experts from the Czech Transport Ministry.