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Poll: Half of Czechs anticipate EU, civilisation crisis

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Prague, Oct 19 (CTK) – A half of Czechs anticipate a crisis of the European Union and Western civilisation, shows a poll conducted by the NMS agency for the Vysehrad Forum 2017 investment conference in September and released in daily Pravo on Thursday.

Thirty-two percent of respondents are of the view that the EU will radically change in the following decades, while only one-tenth believe that the EU has sufficient protective mechanisms.

People’s fears of the future are rising with their higher age and the numbers of those who trust protective mechanisms of the Western civilisation are decreasing, Pravo writes.

The most pessimistic respondents are aged between 45 and 55 years of whom 71 percent consider a civilisation crisis a realistic threat. On the contrary, younger people from 18 to 45 are more optimistic as only fewer than a half of them suppose that a crisis will come soon, Pravo writes.

Two-thirds of Czechs fear that immigration from Muslim countries and from Africa will be one of the reasons for the crisis and 45 percent fear indebtedness, a monetary crisis and political instability.

Only 2 percent believe that no problems could cause either a collapse of the EU and Western society or their fundamental transformation, Pravo says.

Almost one-third of the polled fear a fall of the money value, while 43 percent do not worry about their savings so far. The respondents who are saving higher sums express such fears more often than the rest, Pravo says.

More than a half of people are of the view that politicians have not learnt a lesson from the latest economic crisis and that they are repeating the same mistakes.

One-third believe that politicians are trying to prevent a crisis, but they actually keep the current system afloat only, while 6 percent suppose that politicians have learnt a lesson from their past errors.

The poll was conducted on a sample of 1000 respondents at the end of September.

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