Prague, March 20 (CTK) – Thirty out of the 107 Pandur armoured personnel carriers (APCs) of the Czech military suffer from various defects and ten cannot be deployed in action at all, Chief of Staff Josef Becvar said in a debate on public Czech TV on Sunday.

Last week, the military received some 1,800 spare parts for Pandurs, he added.

Apart from Pandurs, at least eight tanks will be repaired this year, Becvar said.

Moreover, the military tracked vehicles have defects.

“This is an old equipment from the 1980s with defects and shortcomings, but the seventh mechanised brigade is still using these vehicles,” Becvar said.

Even the Tatra military lorries have problems, but they are able to fulfil the needs of units, he noted.

Becvar also mentioned investments.

This year, the military budget was 48 billion crowns. If the budget amounts to 50 billion, the military can start its rearmament.

Defence Minister Martin Stropnicky (ANO) said on Saturday the military budget was to rise by 4.5 billion crowns year-on-year.

The Defence Ministry is in charge of the military armament, on the basis of the army’s technical requirements.

The armament acquisition projects are usually prepared some two to three years, ahead and this is why the military needs financial outlooks, Becvar said.

Last year, the military did not spend 1.5 billion crowns from the sum earmarked for purchases.

The Czech military staffing is now at 80 percent of the designated posts, and it might achieve 90 percent in three years. Last year, 1800 newcomers were recruited for the military, Becvar said.