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Czech police for US citizen to be charged with four-fold murder

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Brno, March 21 (CTK) – Czech police have proposed to the state attorney to file criminal charges against Kevin Dahlgren, a U.S. citizen suspected of murdering his four Czech relatives in 2013, police spokeswoman Petra Ledabylova told CTK on Monday, adding that Dahlgren faces up to a life sentence if found guilty.

Dahlgren, now 23, stays in a custody prison in Brno.

The police say there is no doubt he committed the murders.

Based on a medical opinion, the police concluded that Dahlgren was sane while committing the crime.

The motive of the crime is still unknown.

“The state attorney’s task is to check the criminal file and to decide whether to submit it to the Regional Court in Brno,” Hynek Olma, spokesman for the Regional State Attorney’s Office in Brno, which deals with the case, told CTK on Monday.

For the police, a psychiatrist’s expert opinion was crucial. According to it, Dahlgren was well aware of the consequences of his behaviour and therefore he was responsible for it.

The police previously repeatedly said they have enough evidence against Dahlgren. They never commented on the motive of his crime.

Dahlgren’s testimony in public is only expected during the trial.

Dahlgren has been in Czech custody since August 2015 when the USA extradited him to the Czech Republic.

He is the first U.S. citizen to have been extradited to Prague for criminal prosecution.

Dahlgren is suspected of having killed his cousin, her husband and their two sons, aged 25 and 16, in Brno’s Ivanovice neighbourhood in 2013.

After the crime, he set their detached house on fire and left. The corpses were uncovered by the intervening firefighters.

Dahlgren managed to reach Vienna and return by plane to the USA, but was detained by the U.S. police at the Washington airport.

The negotiations on his extradition to Prague lasted two years.

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