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Czech activist stages invasion by Islamic State in Prague

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Prague, Aug 21 (CTK) – Anti-Islam activist Martin Konvicka organised a performance showing the invasion of the Islamic State group in the country on Sunday, many of the strolling tourists ran away from the city’s central square when the group started firing from toy guns and the police ended Konvicka’s event.

Konvicka rode a camel, being followed by an off-road vehicle full of men masked like Islamic fighters who fired in the air from toy guns and shouted Allahu Akbar.

Konvicka called out that universities would be closed, books burnt and women whipped and stoned. When the group was going to show the execution of a captive, a municipal official and police officers ended the performance.

After the event, Konvicka said the performance was a success as it wanted to shock people and warn them against radical Islam.

The date of August 21, which marks the invasion of the country by the Soviet army, was chosen deliberately, he told CTK.

Konvicka said both the scenario and the props were discussed with both the city hall and the police. The authorities did not confirm this.

Konvicka said he confusion od the passers-by was also caused by the failure of the sound system.

The police are checking whether the organisers did not commit the crime of scaremongering, their spokesman Tomas Hulan said.

Hulan said people who did not expect a performance to be held thought that the shooting was a real threat and they tried to hide as best as possible.

Opposition leader Petr Fiala (Civic Democrats, ODS) said the event was an unacceptable extremist gathering.

“Such a political grouping has nothing to do on the political scene,” MEP Jiri Pospisil, former justice minister said about Konvicka and his supporters.

Interior Minister Milan Chovanec (Social Democrats, CSSD) considers the event a show of political and civic stupidity, he said on Twitter.

Konvicka said the original plan was to move to Prague Castle and decapitate the head of state who rejects radical Islam.

Konvicka has been sharply criticising Muslims and Islam for several years. He founded the extremist Bloc against Islam, but the movement fell apart in the spring. He now heads the Initiative of Martin Konvicka.

Konvicka has occupied no political post so far. He is running for senator in the autumn elections.

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