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Czechs’ interest in watching YouTube videos steeply rising

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Prague, Aug 20 (CTK) – Czechs’ interest in watching videos on YouTube has increased by 35 percent year-on-year, according to the data released by the Czech branch of Google.

The demand has moved to smart phones where the time spent watching YouTube has risen to 70 percent. The rise is even higher in the case of smart TV connections to the Internet.

YouTube is the most watched portal offering the users’ videos not only on the Czech market, but worldwide at present. YouTube runs in localised versions in 90 countries in 76 languages in total and it has 1.5 billion regular users. Some 400 hours of content are recorded on YouTube every minute.

The users must achieve at least 10,000 visits to their videos on YouTube to gain money for commercials placed on them within a partner programme.

Successful YouTubers may earn dozens of thousands of crowns a month, but it is hard to estimate exact sums, said Alzbeta Houzarova, spokeswoman for the Czech Google branch.

A specific feature of the Czech market is its strong interconnection with Slovakia.

Another interesting side of the Czech YouTube is the presence of local film distributors, such as Blueskyfilm, Bontonfilm and AQS/magicbox, operating several channels where they record films legally. They are thereby monitoring their content on another platform and address other groups of viewers.

A Czech full-length time-lapse documentary film entitled The Most Watched (Nejsledovanejsi) will be premiered in mid-September. It follows five significant Czech YouTubers (Pedro, Shopaholic Nicol, A Cup of Style, Kovy and Gabrielle Hecl) for a year and it is trying to build a bridge between two generations.

The popularity of YouTube is also supported by events for its funs.

The third Utubering festival with the participation of the most popular Czech YouTubers took place in Prague and Brno this year. It welcomed more than 20,000 people. The strongest age group were children from 11 to 15 years, festival director Lukas Dejl told CTK.

Besides, the organisers of summer camps target this age group, offering programmes focused on the creation of videos on YouTube.

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