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Zeman says Putin invited him to Sochi

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New York, Sept 20 (CTK special correspondent) – Russian President Vladimir Putin invited his Czech counterpart Milos Zeman to Sochi and he accepted the invitation, Zeman told Czech reporters at a press conference in New York, where he attended the U.N. General Assembly, on Wednesday.

Zeman said he considered the invitation an honour.

He added that he would like to visit other Russian regions, too, during his planned November trip.

Zeman was to leave for Russia on November 20. Originally he was supposed to go to Moscow, Yekaterinburg and Tatarstan.

Zeman said he had talked about his visit to Russia with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov at their unplanned meeting. They met in the U.N. seat in New York on Monday, the Presidential Office said.

“President Putin has so far invited me to Sochi and I accept this with pleasure since this is an honour in a way. However, this changes nothing in the fact that I would like to visit other regions where I had long been promising to go,” Zeman said.

He said they had also discussed the fight against terrorism and the anti-terrorist resolution prepared by Russia for long with Lavrov.

Zeman told reporters on Wednesday that Lavrov had informed him that primarily the United States, but also France and Britain, stood up against the resolution, while China remained neutral.

“The reasons for counterarguments are that this resolution would violate the freedom of speech, that it would be basically a certain Internet censorship,” Zeman said.

The resolution focused on fighting terrorism on the Internet, he elaborated.

“I told Minister Lavrov will all decency that I doubt the world terrorism could be defeated on websites. My idea is rather old-fashioned – a Kalashnikov assault rifle, a helicopter, a drone and so on, but definitely not the Internet,” Zeman added.

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