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Government approves 14 tasks to combat light smog

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Prague, March 21 (CTK) – The government has approved 14 specific tasks which are to curb the light smog in the Czech Republic as some two billion crowns yearly are lost uselessly due to redundant lighting, Environment Minister Richard Brabec (ANO) said in a report on Wednesday.

“Newly, the technological parametres of the right lighting are to be included in the subsidy titles for the replacement of public lighting,” Brabec said.

“It will be necessary to deal with the light burden caused by the transport infrastructure and to increase the awareness of the harmful influence of the light blue component on our health,” he added.

The Czech Republic started a comprehensive solution to light pollution last winter, when an inter-ministerial group was formed. It drafted proposals for various authorities, with which to combat the loss of natural darkness in the Czech Republic.

The Interior Ministry should draw up the methods for municipal authorities thanks to which they will be able to punish light pollution as breach of the peace at night and fine it with up to 10,000 crowns.

The Health Ministry is to prepare an information campaign focusing on the harmful effect of the light blue component on human health, especially on the biorhythms. People should learn that they can switch on the night regime function that limits the light.

New buildings will have to fulfil the criteria for environment-friendly lighting.

By the end of the year, the Transport Ministry will find out how lighting at crossroads, railways and railway stations causes light pollution.

Towns and villages often used unsuitable, too strong lighting with a minor effect.

“According to estimates, we spend uselessly some two billion crowns annually on lighting,” the report said.

“An exchange of old lamps for new ones may be a solution,” it added.

The Environment Ministry and the Industry and Trade Ministry will draw up targeted subsidy programmes for exchange of lighting.

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