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Over half of Czech Science Academy results comparable with world

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Prague, April 21 (CTK) – Up to 16.5 percent of research results of the Czech Science Academy (AV) belong to the world’s top and almost 42 percent are internationally excellent and received good ratings in an international assessment that the AV released at its academic assembly on Thursday.

Detailed results from particular fields and research teams will be made public in early May.

AV President Jiri Drahos said he considered it a good outcome.

If the best Czech researchers worked in the United States, Cambridge or Oxford, they might be closer to the Nobel Prize than in the Czech Republic, Drahos said.

“These Czech elites are comparable with the world’s best category. As we have assessed almost 400 teams, the 16 percent is not such a low share,” Drahos told CTK, without elaborating on particular teams.

He said excellent chemists, physicists, molecular genetics, biologists and historians work at the AV institutes.

International experts have assessed 5,594 results of 377 research teams from 52 workplaces last year. They focused on their quality, international success and the involvement of students in them.

Research teams were given marks on the scale from one to five, while one was the best.

About 35 percent of the AV research results received “three” which means a common international level, 6 percent remained on the national level only and 0.4 percent ended in the worst category.

More than 1,200 experts from 50 countries, mainly France, Germany and the United States, have looked into the work of Czech scientists.

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