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Croat goes to prison for insurance fraud claiming two lives

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Ostrava, North Moravia, Sept 21 (CTK) – An Ostrava court has sentenced Croat Goran Boban to four years in prison for an insurance fraud he committed by blowing up his luxurious villa, in which two people died.

The court found Boban guilty of fraud and a failure to provide first aid.

It said financial motive was behind Boban’s step. His marriage was collapsing as was his business, and he needed money. That is why he hired two Croat compatriots in 2014 to prepare an explosion in his villa, after which he would apply for compensation from the insurer.

However, the preparations failed. The fuse triggered the blast early and two ten-kilogram propane-butane bottles exploded in the cellar, making a part of the villa collapse and bury the two Croat aides.

Their corpses were found only a few months later.

In the meantime, the police launched a search for the the Croats and they found a car of one of them near Boban’s destroyed villa.

The state attorney said Boban did not call in medical rescuers after the explosion, though he knew that two people were buried by the collapsing house.

Dismissing the accusation, Boban said he had no clue about people being in the cellar.

He faced up to eight years in prison, but the court preferred giving a milder sentence in accordance with the penal code.

“The suspect is no criminal. We consider him an unhappy man who chose a wrong business line and bad trading partners,” judge Vitezslav Bozon said.

The court, nevertheless, stated that the suspect showed not even a hint of self-reflection.

The insurance company estimated the incurred damage at nine million crowns, but in view of the circumstances, it did not pay the money out.

Boban appealed the verdict in the courtroom.

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