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Czechs spend four-fifths of life in good health

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Prague, Jan 22 (CTK) – Czech men and women spend roughly four-fifths of their lifetime in a good health, only being troubled in this sphere in the last one-fifth of their lives, according to the data released by Eurostat, the Czech Statistical Office and the Demografie journal.

The proportion of “healthy years” in the Czech Republic is higher than the EU average, the data have revealed.

In 2015, Czech women and men had 63.7 years and 62.4 years of healthy life before them at birth.

The life expectancy in the Czech Republic is increasing. Between 2000 and 2016, it rose by 4.6 years for men and by 3.8 years for women, having reached 76.2 years and 82.1 years, respectively.

Not only the life span, but also the time spent with good health is rising.

The time spent in good health is increasingly long, too.

Demografie writes that between 2007 and 2014, two healthy years and 1.7 years were added to men and women, respectively.

“In the Czech Republic, the proportion of healthy years in the life expectancy is relatively high. In 2015, it was 78 percent for men and 82.4 percent for women, while the EU average was 2 percent lower,” it adds.

However, Czech men and women have a shorter life span than the EU average, by 2.5 years and two years, respectively.

The populations of Sweden and Malta have the highest number of healthy years, Eurostat said.

The Swedish men and women born in 2015 are ahead of 74 and 73.8 years without health troubles, respectively.

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