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Babiš in NATO rejects Russian words on Novichok’s Czech origin

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Brussels, March 22 (CTK) – Moscow’s repeated allegation that links the Czech Republic with the development and production of the Novichok nerve agent is a lie, Czech PM Andrej Babis said at a joint press conference with NATO General Secretary Jens Stoltenberg after visiting NATO’s Brussels headquarters on Thursday.

Stoltenberg said NATO has no reason to doubt the British view that Russia is most probably responsible for the recent Novichok attack on a former double spy in Salisbury, Britain.

“We resolutely and fully reject speculations about the production of the Novichok substance in the Czech Republic. It is really a lie,” Babis said.

According to Britain, Russia is responsible for the attack. British Foreign Secretary has directly mentioned Russian President Vladimir Putin in this connection.

Moscow has repeatedly dismissed the accusation.

In an official document distributed to embassies on Wednesday, Russia listed the Czech Republic among several countries that allegedly worked on the development of Novichok, a combat poison. The list also mentions Britain, the USA and Sweden.

Babis said during his visit to NATO’s Brussels headquarters that Prague supports its British ally.

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