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USA critical of situation of Czech Roma

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Washington, April 22 (CTK) – Attacks on the Roma is the main problem in the sphere of human rights in the Czech Republic, the U.S. Department of State latest annual human rights report has said in its passage devoted to this country.

The violent attacks on the Roma are the most serious human rights problem in the Czech Republic. However, the authorities prosecute and punish such signs.

The report said “The approximately 300,000 Roma in the country faced varying levels of discrimination in education, employment, and housing and have high levels of poverty, unemployment, and illiteracy.”

“While the law prohibits housing discrimination based on ethnicity, NGOs stated that some municipalities discriminated against certain socially disadvantaged groups, primarily Roma, basing their decisions not to supply housing on the allegedly bad reputation of Romani applicants from previous residences,” the report said.

The U.S. Department of State also warns of the overcrowded Czech prisons, while “generally unsatisfactory conditions for inmates with physical or mental disabilities remained the main concerns during the year.”

“The situation in migrant detention facilities improved significantly during the year as the number of migrants from the Middle East, Africa, and Asia entering the country significantly decreased. Children stayed with their families in one detention facility for irregular migrants but were able to leave the facility accompanied by staff,” the report, posted online, said.

When it comes to police, “Corruption remained a problem among law enforcement bodies,” but “There were no reports of impunity involving the security forces during the year.”

The report warned of “Acts of physical intimidation, vandalism, and inflammatory antimigrant rhetoric related to the European refugee and migrant crisis remained a serious concern.”

It said that NGOs had reported “an increase in telephone and email threats, including death threats.”

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