Cairo/Prague, July 23 (CTK) – The Czech woman whom an Egyptian assailant wounded with a knife in Egypt’s Hurghada seaside resort on July 14, will stay in a hospital in Cairo and will not return home on Sunday or Monday, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Michaela Lagronova has told CTK.

Representatives of the Czech embassy in Egypt discussed the woman’s possible transfer home with her family and the doctors in Cairo.

The 36-year-old woman, whom the attacker hit in a leg and the back on a beach, was helicoptered from Hurghada to Cairo in the wake of the attack.

Her partner with their child and her mother came to Cairo to stay with her.

“The family will stay at the Czech embassy until it is decided when the woman is able to return to the Czech Republic,” Lagronova said previously.

She told CTK on Sunday that “the Czech citizen is still staying in hospital and her recovery continues. She definitely will not return to the Czech Republic today or on Monday.”

The attacker, whom the Egyptian authorities have identified, stabbed two German women to death and injured another four foreign female tourists, including the Czech.

Egypt has not provided any official explanation of the assailant’s motive or any information about him.