Sept 22 (CTK) – The Czech Bar Association (CAK) has called on lawyers to participate in the provision of legal services for immigrants as everybody on Czech territory has the right to legal aid and it is ready to cover the possible expenses if need be, the CAK writes in a statement posted on its website Tuesday.

The CAK has no ambition to deal with the issue politically, but it is concerned about possible violations of the rights of immigrants from African and Arab countries in the Czech Republic, it writes.

“These people are sometimes assembled in undignified conditions, for example, in former prisons. They often do not receive sufficient information on their legal position, their finances are taken away from them, and measures that are repressive to a certain extent are also applied to the immigrants’ children,” the CAK writes.

The association addressed the call especially to lawyers from the Czech regions, in which refugee facilities are located.

It said lawyers should first of all participate in activities provided free of charge.

The immigrants need to receive first of all legal information that will help them understand the steps taken by the state and learn of the possible defence against measures that would not be in accordance with international standards and treaties, the CAK writes.

From January to August, 6092 illegal migrants were registered on Czech territory, which is two times more than in the same period last year. The Czech Republic rejects the European Commission’s plan to distribute 120,000 asylum applicants from Italy, Greece and Hungary across the European Union based on mandatory quotas.