Prague, Jan 23 (CTK) – People in the Visegrad Four (V4) states, including Czechs, assess the political situation in their countries mostly negatively, Slovaks being the most dissatisfied and the Poles the most optimistic of all, according to public opinion polls whose results CTK has at its disposal.

The V4’s fourth member is Hungary.

On average, 73 percent of V4 residents are dissatisfied, the polls conducted by different agencies in the four respective countries, including Czech STEM, have shown.

In the Czech Republic, like in Hungary, 27 percent of inhabitants approve of the developments in their country as correct.

In Poland, the share of those hailing the developments is the highest, 31 percent, and in Slovakia the lowest, 22 percent.

According to the pollsters, the mood in all four countries is critical, with most people believing that their countries are not heading in the right direction.

The opinion that democracy is fragile and must be defended is widespread among the people in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia, the pollsters said.

This opinion is shared by more than a half of people in all V4 countries except for Poland, where it is shared by 48 percent of inhabitants.

Asked about their trust in various institutions, V4 inhabitants expressed the highest trust in firefighters, whom they gave the 1.4 mark on the 1-4 scale where 1 meant “definitely trustworthy” and 4 “definitely untrustworthy.”

The police and town halls finished second with the average mark of 2.4, followed by NGOs and the president with 2.6.

Political parties ended at the bottom of the list with 3.3, closely trailing parliament and the government.

The European Commission (EC) received the 2.7 mark. In relation to it, the Czech population was somewhat more critical of the EC, giving 3.2 to it.

The poll was conducted on about 500 people in each of the V4 countries last August.