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Zeman: Printed media to be replaced by other communication form

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Prague, May 23 (CTK) – Printed media should be replaced by a different form of communication on the Internet, such as blogs and servers, Czech President Milos Zeman said on Wednesday, when asked how the plurality of views and politicians’ proportional appearances in public media should be secured.

In a discussion at the Zofin Forum in Prague, Zeman repeated his support for the idea of a direct election of mayors and regional governors, and for panachage, a procedure enabling voters to support candidates from different political parties.

In his speeches within the Zofin debate, Zeman repeatedly lashed out at journalists, as usual.

For example, he said the plurality of opinions and proportional media appearances of politicians cannot be achieved by educating journalists because they are ineducable.

Many journalists suffer from an inferiority complex and are incapable of comprehending an opinion opposite to theirs, Zeman continued.

Unlike journalists’ articles, “blogs and servers” show arguments for and against. “Sometimes they are complemented with abusive words, which, nevertheless, we have to come to terms with. However, it is basically a debate based on arguments,” Zeman said.

It is necessary to replace printed media with “a different form of communication” as secured by the Internet, he said.

Such debates do not involve a mere few dozens of commentators, but several thousands or tens of thousands of people who are interested in politics, Zeman said, adding that he expects discussions to move from paper media to the “Internet field” one day.

Zeman said he puts his trust in active citizens and does not believe that people can be manipulated.

He said critics reproach him for dividing the society, while he is trying to reduce the barrier between those in control and those controlled, and find a way to boost Czech citizens’ participation in the management of public affairs.

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