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More Czechs graduate from university, yet still under EU average

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Prague, July 23 (CTK) – Twenty percent of Czechs aged from 15 to 74 were university graduates in 2017, while ten years ago only 12 percent of them had a university degree, yet the EU average is still higher, 26.4 percent of university graduates, the Czech Statistical Office (CSU) wrote on Monday.

However, the Czech generation born after 1980 is similar to younger people in the advanced European countries in terms of university education.

Most Czechs aged over 15 have secondary education. One third passed the secondary-school final exam. One out of seven had only elementary education.

Generally, people have the highest education in Prague where more than 38 percent of them are university graduates, followed by South Moravia where 22.6 percent graduated from university. In South Moravia, university graduates live mostly in the city of Brno.

“The least formally educated population is in the Karlovy Vary Region and the Usti Region,” Gabriela Strasilova, from CSU, said.

The two northwest Bohemian regions, which border on Germany, have been known for coal mining. The share of university graduates is about 13 percent and more people than in other regions have merely elementary education there.

CSU writes that the educational structure of the country has markedly changed in the last ten years, mostly in Prague and the area around it (Central Bohemia), and South Moravia.

According to the CSU data, about 22 percent of the unemployed had elementary education, 65 percent had secondary education (mostly without the final exam), and 13 nearly percent had university education last year.

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