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Ukrainian flag put up at three Prague towers

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Prague, Aug 24 (CTK) – A group of Ukrainian activists put up large Ukrainian flags at three towers in Prague on Wednesday to warn of the continuing war in eastern Ukraine.

The activists said Russia and its President Vladimir Putin were to blame for the hostilities there.

Activists from the group Kaputin hanged out the flags from the Jindrisska vez tower, the Powder Tower and the Old Town Tower.

At the same time, other activists were waving the banners saying “Ukraine is defending our freedom! Defend Ukraine.”

Members of the group have told CTK that they wanted to warn of the war that is still going on in eastern Ukraine.

“Every small protest is important for the people to be acquainted with what is going on,” they added.

The protest was held on the day Ukraine celebrated the 25th anniversary of its establishment as an independent country.

“Twenty five years after the fall of the Soviet regime, the shadow of the past over eastern Europe is darker than ever and Ukraine is sad proof of this,” the activists said in their statement.

“It is horrifying that even in the 21 century, the desire for freedom and democracy can be punished by a war,” they added.

The conflict in eastern Ukraine between the government troops and pro-Russian separatists has claimed over 9,500 lives since April 2014.

Ukraine and the West say Moscow supports the rebels militarily, but Russia has denied any direct involvement in the conflict.

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