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Lichtenstein Foundation loses case, concerning 600 hectares of forest

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The Prince of Lichtenstein Foundation has lost its case concerning ownership of 600 hectares of forest close to the city of Říčany, outside of Prague. The Constitutional Court upheld the prior verdict in the case which was not to return the 600 hectares of forest to the foundation. Michal Růžička, the spokesperson for the foundation, communicated the information via a press release Monday. “The Prince of Lichtenstein will in this case use all possible tools and opportunities to get justice in an international court and international institution” said Růžička.

The Prince of Lichtenstein Foundation is fighting to get back the estate which was confiscated as part of the Beneš Decrees after 1945. According to prior information, in a story from Hospodářské noviny, the case concerns about 60 thousand hectares, mostly forests.

According to a Czechoslovak Court, the Prince of Lichtenstein František Joseph II declared his nationality as German, which is why his estate was confiscated after the Second World War in line with the Beneš Decrees. The Foundation argues that the Prince was a citizen of Lichtenstein, which was neutral during the war, thus wrongly stripped of his estate, and the court wrongly upholding the verdict.

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