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Czechs develop method of microscope samples 3D reconstruction

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Brno, July 22 (CTK) – The FEI Czech Republic producer of electron microscopes has presented its new, patented unique technology of 3D reconstruction of samples, which speeds up the examination of biological samples, including in hospitals where it can help treat tumours and other diseases, FEI said on Friday.

The scanning electron microscope is used to study the surface of samples by means of a beam of electrons.

Also to enable to look into samples’ volume, the FEI experts complemented the electron microscope with an ultramicrotome with a diamond knife, which gradually cuts off a slice of the sample’s surface of the thickness of dozens of nanometres and every new uncovered layer is 3D depicted by means of electrons with different energies.

“The principle is simple but all the processes must run in perfect harmony so that the picture can be reconstructed,” FEI expert Milos Hovorka said.

The process is automatised through a software developed by the Brno programmers. It processes the data of the sample under examination and creates its 3D model.

Brno ranks among the world centres of electron miscroscopy, hosting several scientific institutions that focus on developing new apparatuses and methods.

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