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Woman who killed lady in Prague shop underwent sex change

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Prague, July 23 (CTK) – A Czech woman who killed a randomly chosen customer in a Tesco store in Prague a few hours after her release from a mental clinic on Thursday was undergoing sex change which probably increased her aggressiveness, daily Mlada fronta Dnes (MfD) wrote on Saturday.

Sexologist Ruzena Hajnova said only people who have no other problem can undergo sex change. “The slightest suspicion that a person suffers from a mental disease means that the person cannot undergo sex change,” she told the paper.

The hormones taken by a woman who wants to become a man increase aggresiveness, said Hajnova, who heads a commission for protective in-patient treatment.

The 33-year-old woman who committed a murder was undergoing transgender hormone therapy because she felt like a man. She changed her first name to the neutral Michelle, which is a step usually taken by hormone therapy patients, but she did not complete the therapy, the paper writes.

“She said she feels like a gladiator in a female body,” another patient from the Prague-Bohnice psychiatric clinic told MfD about her.

As Michelle’s health condition improved, the clinic released her on July 21.

Wearing a “Gladiator” T-shirt, the bald-headed woman entered a shopping centre a few hours after her release, took a knife from the store shelf and fatally stabbed another customer, a 54-year lady who died despite the first aid given by the shop’s director, the paper writes.

“The attacker normally walked towards the lady and stabbed her in the chest three times all of a sudden,” a MfD reporter overheard a Tesco employee telling to a colleague. “After the attack, the woman calmly sat on a bed and waited for the police to come,” the employee said.

Michelle was escorted to the mental clinic by the police after she tried to strange a young woman with a T-shirt in a cafe in Prague’s centre on July 5.

The waitresses said Michelle had been a regular guest to the cafe for a few years. She always came alone, drank beer and smoked cigars, they said.

“A sort of a rather weirdo butch woman. She sat just opposite the bar with a beer and listened to music from her mobile on that day. Suddenly we heard desperate cries from the toilet,” said the waitress who served in the cafe on the day of the strangling attempt.

The waitress said Michelle told her she had been raped and now she wanted to rape and murder, too. She said this was her first attempt to kill somebody and she felt sorry that she failed. She then calmly repeated this to the police, the waitress said.

“I heard the interrogation and was surprised that the police did not write down or record anything. They took her to the Bohnice clinic,” she said.

A court decided on Saturday that Michelle would be taken in pre-trial detention, Prague police spokeswoman Andrea Zoulova has told CTK. Michelle faces up to 18 years in prison for the crime.

Prague-Bohnice psychiatric clinic’s director Martin Holly wants to check the circumstances of the case. “He asked me to work out a deep analysis of the case,” sexologist Petr Weiss told MfD.

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