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Other H-System clients do not want dwellers to move out

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Prague, July 25 (CTK) – The Majak association, which represents a part of the clients of the bankrupt H-System developer, does not want the clients from the Svatopluk housing cooperative to move out of their flats, they said in a written statement sent to CTK on Wednesday.

“The Majak association has no interest in moving out of H-System clients from their homes and it is not sharply opposed to another group of H-System clients who were also cheated by H-System representatives,” they write.

But Majak said Svatopluk wilfully, and without the permission of the bankruptcy administration, lowered the property from which all the damaged clients of H-System should be compensated within the bankruptcy proceedings.

Majak called on politicians to look for the money that disappeared from H-System. It said the police failed to find any part of the two billion crowns, which H-System head Petr Smetka loaned from banks, and the one billion crowns he received from the clients.

“Let’s not increase the tension and help us look for the money and property that Mr Smetka hid and that he does not intend to give,” Majak said.

The number of damaged client who did not receive any flats is 950, or 15times higher than the number of those who live in Horomerice near Prague.

Politicians should not harm those who have been waiting for a just compensation for 20 years, Majak representatives said.

They said other H-System clients, too, contributed to Svatopluk out of despair even after the H-System collapse and they have never received anything for contributing to the flats of the 60 families in Horomerice.

Earlier this week, the Supreme Court ordered that the Svatopluk housing cooperative must vacate its flats within a month. Svatopluk will file a complaint with the Constitutional Court against the verdict.

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