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Sceptics’ mock awards go to alternative researchers, lobbyists

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Prague, March 23 (CTK) – Both lobbyists and alternative scientists received the Erratic Boulder mock awards for their anti-scientific approach from the Sisyphus Czech Club of Sceptics this year, the organisers have announced.

The Diamond Erratic Boulder was presented on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the annual event to the team of lobbyists promoting the alternative Chinese medicine in the Czech health care system, and to Anna Strunecka for her “extraordinary lifelong contribution to pseudo-science.”

Strunecka, who was employed at the Science Faculty of Charles University in Prague, deals with a number of controversial issues, such as food additives and vaccination, and she wrote The Era of Poisons (Doba Jedová) book on the topic.

Sisyphus previously criticised her for accepting data from unreliable sources and from the authors who consider the particular substances dangerous, while ignoring the studies that did not prove their hazardous character. The university distanced itself from some of Strunecka’s results.

The Golden Boulder was bestowed on Miloslav Soch, dean of the Agriculture Faculty of the South Bohemia University, for his “aimless academic research into the magic-based homeopathy and its public promotion.” The other Golden Boulder went to the Rozalio association of parents striving for a voluntary system of vaccination and a sufficient public awareness of it.

The sceptics’ club gave the Silver Boulder to Hana Blochova alias Rosa de Sar and Jaroslav Ruzicka for the “development of alternative archaeology, penetrating further scientific disciplines” and to Hana Blahova with the group of authors of the website for a “very confusing approach to parasitology and interlinked areas.”

The Bronze Boulder went to Petra Yamuna Wolf for her “discoveries in the vaginal and anal cartography” and “curses disturbance” and to the defenders of the flat Earth, Vladimir Baca and David Starosta, “for their brave defiance of the heliocentric conspiracy.”

The Czech Sisyphus Club of Sceptics is part of the world sceptical movement that was established in the United States in 1976 thanks to the initiative of dozens po scientists and philosophers, including several Nobel Prize winners, in reaction to the rise in irrationality in society. Its Czech branch was founded in 1995.

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