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Czech man sent to prison for stalking

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Prague, Oct 25 (CTK) – A Czech court on Wednesday sent a 60-year-old man who made hundreds of vulgar calls to disabled and retired people, Czech Radio employees and police officers to five years in prison.

The Prague High Court found the man, Karel Straus, guilty of multiple psychological harm, stalking and intimidating, thus confirming the verdict of a lower court.

The court seized ten mobile phones that the man used.

Judge Jiri Lnenicka concluded that Straus is “an evil man who wants to hurt people.”

In 2011-15, Straus made repeated phone calls to people at various times, also during the night, and insulted, mocked or threatened them. He chose some of his victims in a night radio programme in which people opened their hearts and gave their phone numbers. He also made hateful calls to radio moderators and police officers who dealt with his offences.

Straus was escorted to the courtroom by prison guards. He arrived on a wheelchair, though the prison officials said he pretended to be bound to a wheelchair and was capable of walking.

Straus pleaded innocent and said the people who claimed he harmed them were plotting against him.

According to the verdict, Straus threatened to physically liquidate a visually impaired wheelchair user, he threatened to kill a seriously ill woman and humiliated her by telling vulgar rhymes to her, he repeatedly blamed another woman with causing the death of her husband, and he alternately called a husband and wife and defamed their partner.

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