Prague, June 26 (CTK) – Some new charges will be filed in the criminal cases implicating Jana Necasova, wife of former Czech Prime Minister Petr Necas, that were triggered by a police raid at the Government Office in 2013, outgoing head of the UOOZ organised crime unit Robert Slachta told Czech Television on Sunday.

Critics say the intervention was not justified, while Slachta insists on his cause.

“Further things are being sent to the court, the charges are prepared. The extent of the material that must be finished as well as the legal aid from Switzerland were extremely time-consuming for our staff who worked on them,” Slachta said.

On June 17, a court acquitted again Necasova and three former intelligence officers of charges of abuse of Military Intelligence (VZ).

According to the indictment, Jana Nagyova, an assistant to Necas with whom she had a romance, abused the VZ for shadowing Necas’s then estranged wife for her own personal reasons in late 2012.

Due to the scandal over the illegal spying and other suspicions related to Nagyova, the Necas center-right government fell in mid-2013. Necas divorced and married Nagyova soon afterwards.

The others who have been charged in the case are military intelligence former chiefs Ondrej Palenik and Milan Kovanda and agent Jan Pohunek.

Slachta said he had not expected with the verdict.

“I did not expect this. This is an independent court and another round will follow,” Slachta said.

“This shows how complicated the investigation into this case has been,” he added.

Slachta said the case would be completed even after the implementation of the police reshuffle due to which he has resigned from the police.