Prague, June 26 (CTK) – Some senior members of the police headquarters, including Czech Police President Tomas Tuhy, tried to get information about investigation into three serious cases, but there is no direct evidence of this, the latest edition of the weekly Respekt has written.

State attorneys and detectives from the organised crime team (UOOZ) suspect them of having breached the law in this way, Respekt writes.

The detectives from the UOOZ and the state attorneys have several recordings of the wiretappings in which vital information is disclosed, it adds.

They managed to find the users of the phones with anonymous SIM cards through which the information was passed. However, there is no evidence directly proving that Tuhy was implicated in the affair, Respekt writes.

Tuhy does not feature in any of the captured wiretappings either. Nevertheless, the detectives and state attorneys have a rather comprehensive “chain of indirect evidence” proving possible illegal practice of the police headquarters, it adds.

Tuhy is suspected of a “brutal” leak of information within the investigation of economic crime, Jiri Komarek, head of the UOOZ department in Ostrava, north Moravia, told Czech Television (CT) last week.

Komarek said GIBS police inspection officers have attempted to gain access to the file concerning the case codenamed Vidkun, in which the UOOZ intervened in the Olomouc Region, north Moravia, last October.

In the case, several people are suspected of influencing police investigation and leaking information from criminal files. The suspects include two high-ranking police officers, a businessman and Olomouc Region Governor Jiri Rozboril (Social Democrats, CSSD).

Tuhy has dismissed the allegations and has sued Komarek over slander and other crimes.

Komarek and outgoing UOOZ head Robert Slachta, who disagree with the planned police restructuring, wanted to speak about the link between the police and criminal environment in the Chamber of Deputies security affairs committee last Thursday.

However, the Chamber of Deputies did not approve this programme.

President Milos Zeman said on Sunday an investigating commission would be proposed this week. The detectives may get a chance to speak out there.