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Penc will publish StB databases online

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Former anti-communist dissident Stanislav Penc decided to publish two electronic databases, EZO and SEZO, compiled though unfinished before November 1989 by the former secret police. The databases should be available as of yesterday at Lidové noviny reported.

Penc told Lidové noviny he decided to publish the databases as a counterbalance to the the activities of the Institute for the Study of Totalitarian Regimes and its subsidiary Security Services Archive. Penc accuses these institutions of monopolising historical views, withholding the information and choosing only media-interesting cases for publishing.

Pavel Žáček, head of the Institute, rejected the criticism and said Penc is breaking in the door that is open. According to Žáček, both electronic registries are full of mistakes.

The archive search will enable everyone to find the archive numbers of the files StB kept on the particular name online. Those interested can then ask for the specific file in the archive.

The list should include entries on secret police agents, as well as, confidants, agent candidates and even the screened people. The so-called Cibulkovy lists made available in 1992, do not include data on screened people, LN wrote.

According to the LN, Penc got hold of the electronic databases from the first head of the Slovak Nation’s Memory Institute late Ján Langoš.

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