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Covid-19: Reproduction number in CR close to 1

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The reproduction number keeps rising in Czechia, eventually reaching the value of 0,96 according to the Institute of Health Information and Statistics of the Czech Republic (UZIS). If it rises to 1, the overall risk index will also increase by five points, corresponding to the fourth level of danger according to PES.

Experts associate the increase in the R0 number with the overall increase in the proportion of positive tests and newly infected. As such, on Tuesday, 26,33 % of the carried tests came back positive.

Different regions remain in the different categories of PES. Prague is in the third category with the value of 47 (corresponding to the third degree of danger) while the Karlovy Vary region’s index rose to 77 (corresponding to the fifth degree of danger).

The correspondence of the value to a level goes as follows:

• First level (green) = 0-20
• Second level (yellow) = 21-40
• Third level (orange) = 41-60
• Fourth level (red) = 61 – 75
• Fifth level (purple) = 76 – 100

PES assesses the epidemiological risk, taking into account such factors as the number of tests carried in relation to the number of positive tests returned, the R0 number, the number of infected per 100,000 people over the last 14 days, and the number of the elderly infected over the last 14 days.

On Sunday, the government will meet to discuss the situation. The outcome of the meeting is uncertain.

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