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Baby box saves 15th child

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The baby box in Ostrava may also be used by women from Poland. (ČTK)The baby box in Ostrava may also be used by women from Poland. (ČTK)

A three-month-old girl was found in a baby box in Ostrava on Monday. The alarm went off five minutes past 4pm. The baby is healthy and doing well.

The baby box in the Ostrava city hospital has been in operation for only a few months. It opened in November and the baby girl Zorka is the first child that has been found there. The little girl has blond hair and blue eyes.

“The baby is healthy, dressed in clean cloths and well fed,” the founder of baby box services, Ludvík Hess, told online daily Tý He said the Ostrava baby box was the 15th such box opened in the Czech Republic and that baby Zorka is the 15th child the system helped save.

Another two heated boxes are scheduled to open soon in the Czech Republic. One will open in Náchod on 16 February and one in Strakonice in March. “I was aiming for 20 baby boxes in the beginning, but now I want to increase the number to 70,” Hess said.

The first baby box was introduced in 2005 at Gyncentrum in Prague-Hloubětín. More boxes were open later in Brno, Olomouc, Kadaň, Zlín, Pelhřimov and Ústí nad Orlicí. The total of 15 babies have been placed in a baby box in the last three years.

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