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Gov’t agrees with deal to build Chinese clinic in Hradec Králové

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Prague, June 27 (CTK) – The Czech government agrees with the entry of the Teaching Hospital in Hradec Kralove, east Bohemia, into the TCM endowment to cover the costs of the construction of a traditional Chinese medicine clinic there, Health Minister Svatopluk Nemecek told reporters on Monday.

The constituent document of the endowment was signed during a recent visit by Chinese President Xi Jinping to Prague. The Chinese partner will put ten million euros into the endowment.

The construction of the clinic should be completed in April 2018.

The endowment’s co-founder is the CEFC China Energy Company Ltd.

The Chinese medicine outpatient ward with a Chinese specialist and a Czech doctor has been working in the Hradec Kralove hospital since October 2015. It offers acupuncture and herbal therapy, using only the herbs approved in the Czech Republic.

Hundreds of patients have been treated there.

Nemecek (senior government Social Democrats, CSSD) supports the application of Chinese medicine, mainly for the treatment of chronic pain and psychosomatic disorders, but not in the case of cancer and cardiac diseases.

The Czech Doctors’ Chamber (CLK) and the Czech Medical Association of J. E. Purkyne reject the application of Chinese medicine, saying it has not been scientifically verified.

The organisers of the clinic in Hradec want the Czech Republic to become the centre of Chinese medicine for Central and Eastern Europe in the future.

The clinic in Hradec Kralove would also become an educational and research centre and cooperate with a hospital in Shanghai.

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