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Government approves measures to improve situation in “ghettoes”

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Prague, July 27 (CTK) – The Czech government approved on Wednesday the plans to improve the situation of the people living in and near “ghettoes,” proposed by Human Rights Minister Jiri Dienstbier (Social Democrats, CSSD), he has told journalists.

Under the plan, the state is to send housing benefits right to the repair fund and the payment of costs, not to the flat owners and landlords.

“In the Czech Republic, there are 95,000-115,000 socially excluded people facing poverty concentrated in 606 socially excluded localities,” Dienstbier said.

“Since this is a problem affecting many families and regions, it is obvious that it must be challenged,” Dienstbier said.

The individual offices to which the measures relate are to draft proposals of solutions including a timetable and estimate of financial costs by October 31.

Dienstbier said the problem of “poverty trading” had started to move from dormitories to flats, too.

By sending the housing benefits right to the fund of repairs and to coverage account, accruing of debts and worsening of relations in the house are to be prevented.

Dienstbier has also proposed that construction and sanitary norms be set down.

They are to define how many people can live in a certain area since some flats are overcrowded.

Dienstbier said earlier the excluded localities faced the problem of the occurrence of insects and rodents.

The solution would be easier if sanitary officers could enter the flats without the owner’s presence, he added.

It is also necessary to pay the programmes to get rid of insects and rats.

The “ghettoes” or excluded localities are mostly inhabited by Romanies.

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