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Storm and high temperatures will hit the Czech Republic shortly

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A minute of meteorology: according to the latest news published by, strong storms and high temperatures will hit the Czech Republic in the upcoming days.

Sever thunderstorms, wind, rain, and hail will especially affect the southern and eastern regions of the Czech Republic on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, reports. That will most likely include Moravian-Silesian and South Bohemian regions.

Apart from thunderstorms, high temperatures are also expected: the warning is to come into effect on Tuesday before noon for the entire country, reports.

High temperatures are expected throughout the entire week: on Tuesday, the heat will reach 32 °C, and for the rest of the week it will remain around 27-30 °C. For those who get migraines from rapid weather changes: get some ibuprofen in advance as the following week is predicted to have crazy weather fluctuations from 32°C to 21°C.

If you are looking for ways to enjoy yourself regardless of the weather, check CitySpy’s guide for this week’s upcoming events in Prague and visit an outdoor cinema or a Banksy exhibition:

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