Prague, Dec 27 (CTK) – Roughly one-third of Czechs, mainly young people under 29, plan to make New Year’s resolutions that most often concern a healthy lifestyle, according to a STEM/MARK poll conducted for the Naturhouse chain of diet advisory centres and released to CTK.

Czechs most often plan to lose weight and eat healthier food in the upcoming year.

More than a half of the polled have ever made a New Year’s resolution. Women and young people, primarily university graduates, make them more often than the rest of the population.

People keep their resolutions connected with their family for the longest time, while they give up the resolution to quit smoking most quickly.

Women give up their resolutions earlier than men, almost one-third do them do so during the first days of the year.

Out of those making New Year’s resolutions, 46 percent want to lose weight next year, 44 plan to eat a healthy diet and 41 percent pledge to practice sport more often.

Czechs also plan to be less exposed to stress. One-fifth of the polled want to earn more money and about the same share plans to relax more than the year before. Fifteen percent of Czechs intend to quit smoking.

Women want to lose weight more often than men, while men plan to reduce coffee drinking more than women.

Otherwise, there are no major differences between genders and age groups as far as New Year’ resolutions are concerned.

One-third of university graduates want to find balance between their work and free time and 40 percent of trained workers desire to earn more money.

The poll has also confirmed that Czechs eat and drink (alcohol) a lot during Christmas, much more than throughout the year.

“Czechs put on two to five kilos during Christmas on average and it takes them up to several months to reach their original weight,” Vera Buresova, chief diet consultant of Naturhouse, said.

The Internet poll was conducted on 500 respondents aged from 15 to 59 years.